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Safe and Secure Construction Practices

Avoid Structural Building Flaws

Unfortunately, what passes for safe and sound construction these days, actually includes hidden structural building flaws that ultimately require expensive, occasionally complicated and annoying repairs. Some examples:

One of the most pervasive problems with houses built today are the ever increasing instances of water damage. One of the most egregious and common problems is the improper installation of roof, chimney and siding flashing. The problem begins with cheap short-lived materials, usually bare aluminum, and continue with poor and faulty installation. Copper, and in some applications, lead coated copper are far superior to bare aluminum, followed by a baked on painted finish aluminum flashing.

Also, just as important as the choice of flashing material are the nails and sealant used to attach. Proper nails should usually be of the same material as the flashing, and frequently, if not compatible, this application leads to premature rusting and compromise of the waterproofing resulting in hidden water damage that only becomes noticeable after structural damage has occurred. Similarly, cheap, non flexible sealant with poor adhesive qualities usually fails rather quickly and provides other openings for water and moisture to enter. Moisture penetration, and the accompanying mold growth, is probably the #1 problem with contemporary building practices here in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, with dramatic changes in weather, high humidity and frequent high winds and rainfall, water prevention is essential. When adding additions and renovations to an existing house, proper flashing and sealing the connections is paramount.

One of the by products of the mass building boom over the last few decades is sadly, the loss of experience and craftsmanship that are absolutely essential in creating a safe, healthy and structurally sound house. Use of less expensive, and in some cases, defective materials coupled with poor workmanship all have increasingly been contributing to costly repairs as well as unwelcome health issues. In further entries we will speak about the gradual yet increasingly popular entrance to the construction trade of Green materials and technology.

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