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Importance of Construction Materials

One of the most important, yet frequently overlooked aspects of custom building, remodeling or renovation is the quality of building materials used in the construction project. From structural, framing and masonry materials to interior trim and cosmetic finish items, their durabilty and stability contribute mightily to their longevity, low maintenance and in the end, a pleasing esthetic that does not require constant attention and repair. In some cases, superior products such as AZEK exterior trim, a material that is quickly supplanting wood exterior trim and deck applications, are much more preferable to traditional painted wood moldings. They are nearly maintenance free, indistinguishable from wood, and while more expensive at the outset, clearly offer a significant savings in the long run as they do not suffer the water damage and expansion and contraction problems of wood. In the Tidewater area, with its extremes of cold weather and high humidity, stability of exterior materials is key.

Similarly, choosing a more stable wood for interior trim applications such as poplar instead of the more commonly used yellow pine, offers a finer product of woodwork while again reducing wood movement that results in paint chipping, caulk separation that ultimately leads to constant paint and occasional carpenty repairs. Fine Craftmanship, while also essential, can only temporarily mask material defects

One of the biggest mistakes in homebuilding these days, is unknowingly trying to save money with lesser quality materials, while in the end, through frequent and annoying repair, one ends up spending far more. Be sure to contact a professional for those tasks beyond your scope of work- it will save you money and the headache of future repairs that could have been avoided.

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