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Why Remodel or Renovate?

Why do homeowners turn to remodeling or renovating their existing homes these days, rather than deciding to build a home supposedly more suited to their specific needs? Obviously the 1st choice could be today's economic climate that may preclude the more expensive approach of taking on the project of a new home. Another reason could be the owner's affection for their present location and/or basic layout of the existing house, and only need to update, add on to, refine and enhance their family home.

Just as choosing the location of a new home is important, as well as marrying the design to the natural parameters of the site, similarly, connecting a new addition as well as creating a seamless visual and practical relationship with the existing house is paramount. Some design approaches involve setting the new addition off as a singular statement, with different yet architecturally pleasing materials to create a separate feeling, while others favor creating the perception that the 2 structures were built at the same time with matching or identical materials, finishes and general layout.

In planning for and building the addition(s),there are several key items to keep in mind. If the owners seeks to create a new structure to accommodate their needs, be it an expanding family, being desirous of more space for high profile rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, office or family room, yet hoping to blend the design of these areas to the existing dwelling as to seem to be part of the original plan, then one needs to pay attention to some design and construction aids.First,in seeking to replicate exterior and interior finishes, one can cut expenses of paying extra for new millwork by having experienced craftsmen find stock items that may be difficult to find. As mentioned before, exterior Azek trim is now being offered in a variety of profiles that could probably match up with older existing woodwork and in the long run, prove to be more durable. As to construction practices, one of the most prevalent mistakes/problems with attaching a new structure to an existing home is not taking into account the condition of the existing foundation while also not providing a suitable and structurally sound foundation for the connecting walls and especially floors. All too often, when this is improperly done, what is left to come are uneven floors, sagging walls and accompanying roof, not to mention caulk and paint failure.

These are just a few tips to remember when approaching a remodeling or renovation project, and it is wise to seek the advice of experienced design and construction personnel when moving forward with your home building plans in order to make it a more satisfying and successful venture.