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North End Virginia Beach Home

This project focused on completely renovating a one story stucco cottage in much need of repair, and creating a new single family residence with an attached apartment. The residence was designed by David Amory AIA,of Boston, Massachussets, and was particularly interesting in that it combined the exteriors of a large beach styled tidewater home, covered in cedar shingles with one end displaying gentle curves in its driveway and entrance while the interiors showcased a much more contemporary flair with high vaulted ceilings that mirrored cresting waves with cleverly designed rooms that incorporated a sense of space within the need to accommodate the confines of a long narrow lot. Landscaping design provided by Sukie Amory was a gentle and seamless collection of local perennials that added to the seemingly timeless and natural connective aspects of the property and house.

Photographs by John Wadsworth of Virginia Beach.

Featured in Southern Living Cottages on the Coast, Linda Coast, Linda LeighLeigh Paul, (Rizzoli) Southern Living



Historic Ghent Area Home

This project was twofold in nature, combining transforming an old decrepit side porch into a new addition with a large indoor pool with sauna and a relaxing sitting area along with a completely renovated kitchen, laundry and breakfast room. The main house was the 3rd house built in the Historic Ghent area of Norfolk. As seen from the photographs, the main house is an imposing old brick structure, extremely well built with an imposing two story circular sitting room and library. The addition was a more sleek combination of scandinavian and colonial design. The kitchen cabinets were created from quarter sawn old heart pine beams from the owner’s mother’s Suffolk home. Countertops of antique black granite accompanied handmade tiles from a local craftswoman.



North Shore Road Area, Norfolk

This lovely riverfront home,originally built in 1907, required extensive renovation and repair as well as a significant addition. Designed by local architect John Paul Hanbury FAIA,one of the leading architects in the nation,the home and gardens were transformed into a beautiful expression of an old Tidewater colonial river home melded with a more contemporary set of additions that was still complimentary to the grand style and grace of its time while fulfilling the wants and needs of its present owners with all the conveniences and comfort desired. The integration of the house,gardens and garage into the existing landscape of woods and water was truly breathtaking.

Interiors and woodwork designed by John Paul Hanbury provided a wonderful connection with the home’s original intent and style of the present day’s architectural vision.


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